Hi, I’m in Kansas. :/

Hi, I’m in Kansas. :/

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Day One

Today is was the first day that I touched down in Kansas. It was really quite quaint, and the land was all cultivated. I went on the plane crying and very tired, I really was going to miss my family and friends, along with my dogs.  I really had a fun time getting to know some people, my room advisor is the sweetest girl on the planet, her name is Gina.  Her real name is Virginia though, but anyways she took me everywhere I needed to go, such a helpful girl. Help me set up my dorm, and got the boxes, super sweet!

I played Soccer today- I must say I worked my ass off. I was really surprised to find not all the girl’s skill was up at the level I thought they needed to be. Which was kinda funny, but then again I thought about my starting position possibly. My coach had me around everywhere, he had me do some domenstrations, pointed out my position and such. At the end of the day he texted me a “Great Practice Today.” That must be a sign! 

Anyway I got to go to bed, I have to get up at 5:45 for my BEEP TEST Yay me!!

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